The 360 Report

How the CivicScience 360 Report Provides Unparalleled Consumer Understanding for Growth

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Business leaders don’t suffer from a lack of data. They suffer from
a lack of context.

Consumer attitudes are evolving every second. Brands that fail to acknowledge this aren’t getting the full picture. 

Nobody needs another fleeting glimpse of something that happened a month ago. To get the full picture, brands need to know what changes are happening now, what’s causing them, and what’s coming next. 

Meet the CivicScience 360 Report.

What does it look like?

  • Complete and timely view of trends and shifts in consumer attitudes, lifestyle, and intent.
  • Consumer behavior predictions for forward-looking strategies and marketing investments, to maximize growth and profitability.
  • Invaluable, timely knowledge to accelerate decision-making for a unique competitive edge.
  • Alerts on trends and changes as they happen, ensuring  opportunities and threats are never missed.

The CivicScience 360 Report provides customer-centric companies with a living, breathing picture of the modern consumer to drive growth.

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