Pulse of the Beauty Buyer Report

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The beauty industry has seen unprecedented growth over the past five years, defying market expectations through the pandemic and the economic turmoil that followed. Contributing to that resiliency has been a shifting mindset of consumers, who increasingly view beauty and skincare as central to their emotional well-being. But will these rosy conditions continue as inflation drags on, household debt grows, and the stress of another political season unfolds? 

The CivicScience Pulse on the US Beauty Buyer report is your road map to understanding the beauty consumer's evolving attitudes, profiles, and interests to expertly anticipate and navigate key changes in this elite industry.

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This monthly report will include: 

  • Awareness and adoption rates of beauty trends and brands
  • Preferred channels for purchasing (online, in-store)
  • Buying Influence and information (social, influencers, advertising, etc.)
  • Luxury, prestige, and mass beauty product purchase intent 
  • Subcategory information - skincare, hair, bath & body, makeup, shaving/grooming, fragrance
  • Profiles of different US beauty buyer cohorts (e.g., parents with tweens, Gen Z, luxury buyers, prestige buyers, etc.)
    • Demographics 
    • Psychographics, including a Psychographic Drivers Analysis 
  • Any other pertinent information/trends that may arise and impact this topic